The Cuban Communist Party’s delegation visits and works at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics
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Participants also included representatives of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee's Department for External Relations, the Council of State of Cuba, Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Vietnam. On HCMA side, there were leaders of some functional units, specialized institutes and a large number of lecturers and researchers.

At the reception, Mr. Nguyen Viet Thao affirmed the consistent support and solidarity of the Party, State and people of Vietnam towards the construction and protection of socialism of the Cuban people. He also gave an overview of the functions, duties and roles of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics within the political system of Vietnam and emphasized that the Party, State and people of Vietnam in general, the Academy in particular would always stand by and follow up Cuba, share the difficulties, challenges encountered by Cuba and congratulate on its achievements on the road to socialism.

An overview of the conference

Talking with experts and scientists of the Academy, Mr. Carlos Marsan expressed his honour in being able to visit and work with the Academy and noted that Cuba always attaches great importance to the traditional relationship with the Communist Party of Vietnam, considering the great achievements that the Communist Party of Vietnam has made in recent years to be the precious experiences for Cuba in the construction of a prosperous and sustainable socialist Cuba.

At the workshop, Mr. Carlos Marsan presented some features of Cuba's recent situation, its achievements in updating the socio-economic model in the context of Cuba's continued encirclement and embargo; achievements, prospects and difficulties, challenges of Left-wing in Latin America on the road to socialism. He also confirmed the determination of the Party, State and people of Cuba in the construction of a socialist Cuba.

The comments given at the workshop also clarified a variety of international and regional issues of mutual interest, discussing the specific measures to reinforce ties between the two Parties, States and peoples; expressing the confidence that these activities would contribute to further deepening the exemplary brotherhood, traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation and loyal solidarity between the Parties, States and people of Vietnam and Cuba.

Mr. Carlos Marsan, Mr. Nguyen Viet Thao and the delegates took photo in front of the statue of Uncle Ho

News, photo: Bui Thanh & Manh Thang

Translator: Le Huyen, Proofreader: Le Xuan Tung