Seminar Result “Learning France’s experience in quality evaluation of training cadres and civil servants”
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The delegation discussed recruitment, training, and management for leaders and managers with the General Directorate for Public Administration and the Civil Service (DGAFP), the French civil servants management governmental agency. At its headquarters, they were introduced the French model of public administration and continuous training programs for leaders from department - level.

During the visit, the delegation worked with the French National School of Administration (ENA) in Paris. Ms. Nathalie Tournyol du Clos, ENA’s Education and Training Director, shared experienced on developing training curriculum and methods to evaluate trainers; examining, assessing, and managing trainees; and its training program for potential high-level officials. Following the visit, the delegation had a working session with ENA in Strasbourg. ENA’s Research Director, Mr. Fabrice Larat, talked about the research work on administration of the school. Besides, the two sides discussed scientific research cooperation program, including several forthcoming research activities and conferences in 2018, the year marking 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and France. During the time in the city, the delegation had a meeting with the National Institute of Territorial Studies (INET) to learn about training, assessment and training curriculum development for local leaders.

In Metz, the delegation worked with the Regional Institute of Administration - Metz (IRA) amd exchanged views on recruitment and training for local civil servants in Metz city. The two sides actively discussed and exchanged their experience on training curriculum development and training assessment. In addition, the delegation also met with the National Center for the Territorial Public Service (CNFPT) to exchange information on training civil servants for provinces.

During their stay in France, the delegation met with Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son, Vietnamese Ambassador to France and were provided information on socio-economic situation, political institutions, and the relationship between Vietnam and France. They had received active support from officers of the Vietnamese Embassy.

On November 14, the delegation flied back to Vietnam and completed their visit to France successfully.

Some photos of the delegation’s activities in the French Republic:

                       The delegation visits and exchanges views at the Vietnamese Embassy in France

The delegation discusses training leaders and managers at the General Directorate for Public Administration and the Civil Service

The delegation visits and talks about training and fostering potential local civil servants at the Regional Institute of Administration – Metz


ews, photos: The delegation

Translator: Vu Lan Dung/ Proofreader: Le Xuan Tung


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