Scientific Workshop: The Research Methodology on Culture in Politics and Culture in Economic issues in Vietnam
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On March 18th, 2017, the Institute of Culture and Development of the Ho Chi Minh National  Academy of  Politics organized the Scientific Conference on Research Methods on Culture in Politics and Culture in Economic issues in Vietnam. This is the first workshop on "Culture in politics and culture in economic issues in Vietnam:  contemporary situation, problems and solutions" under the national key program on scientific political theory the period 2016-2020.

Speaking at the workshop, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Duy Duc stated that in the process of reforming the country for the purpose of prosperous people, strong country, democracy, justice and civilization, promoting the role of culture in politics and culture in economic issues has faced to many problems. The Communist Party of Vietnam always affirms that culture is the spiritual foundation of society. It plays a role both an objective and a motive force for socio-economic development. Cultural factors must be closely linked to social activities in all aspects: politics, economics, society, law, discipline, etc., transforming it into the most important endogenous endowment of the country development.

The clarification of theoretical and practical basis of culture in politics and culture in economic issues, the relationship between culture in politics and culture in economic issues, the assessment of the current status of these issues, the proposal of the viewpoints and the solutions for effective implemention of these issues in Vietnam in the coming time are of great significance. At the seminar, speeches and opinions focused on clarifying some contents including as follows:

Regarding the culture in politics, specifically, the culture in the Party and political system focusing on building moral, lifestyle and healthy cultural environment in the Party, State, socio-political organizations, cadres, party members, civil servants and public employees have been raised and initiated through many great movements and campaigns with deep cultural and political significances. In Resolution 9th Central Committee of the 11th tenure, the Party has given the task of  building culture in politic and culture in economy with emphasis on building the contingent of cadres, party members, civil servants and employees with moral quality, devotion, wholeheartedly serving the Fatherland and the people, closely attaching to the people. The contigen need to be aware of the rule of law, practicing democracy in parallel with respecting discipline, personal freedom associated with social responsibility and citizen responsibilities,  preventing and repelling the degradation of political thought, morality and lifestyle in a part of cadres, civil servants and party members.

Researchers also focus on discussing and asserting that cultural conception in politics is not only focused on ethics and law, but also on the level of thinking and capacity of the political subject, institutions and political institutions in relation to the cultural and political environment; Politicians in the condition that there is only Communist Party ruling and leading to build a socialist rule-of-law state. The focus of building the theoritical framework for culture in politics and the basic criteria for the assessment of culture in politics should be more specific and requires intellectual contribution of many scientists and politicians.

Regarding the culture in economy, the speeches focused on clarifying the Party's viewpoint that economic development and construction must be aimed to build a culture and a society of equality, civilization and development of comprehensive human; Culture is the result of the economy, and also is the engine of economic development. The speeches highlighting the views of the 12th Congress emphasized the need to build culture in economy, culture in entrepreneur, culture for businesman with a sense of respect, observance of the law, respect to the faith, healthy competition for the sustainable development of the country, contributing to the construction and defense of the motherland. These are the new theoretical issues, meaningful practical guidance to the goal of sustainable development of the country. Comments at the conference also pointed out the inadequacies that need to be overcome. First of all, the implication of the cultural concept in the economy needs to be clarified. Specifically, culture in economy is not only the culture in entrepreneurs and businessman culture, but also the vision, development planing, institutions, human resources training, promoting the innovation and the application of science and technology, enhancing the competitiveness of the economy and removing barriers to economic development from the angel of cultural perspective.

The results of the workshop, with many enthusiastic and intellectual contributions from scientists, provided valuable theoretical and practical basis, as well as deep suggestions for the researchers to conduct the research program  in the right direction, contributing to concretize the Resolution of the 12th Congress and preparing the document of the XIIIth Party Congress.


Translator: Pham Thuy/ Proofreader: Ngo Tuan Nghia


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