Scientific seminar “The critical importance of ASEAN to security, economy of South Korea”
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Assoc, Prof. Dr Phan Van Ran, General Director of Institute of International Relations made an opening speech at the seminar

At the seminar, Prof. Lee Sun Jin presented many issues to the audience, such as the results of cooperation in the fields of economics, trade, securityand others between ASEAN and South Korea in recent years; a number of challenges in tackling issues related to country benefits, maintaining and strengthening the economy of the region, taking advantages of regional integration, in and outside Asean, to maintain the central position within the region.

Prof. Lee Sun Jin also made some suggestions to promote the future cooperation between ASEAN and South Korea, amongst which the promotion of cooperation with Vietnam in the fields of economics, political security, culture and social activities is one of the top priorities of South Korea at present.

Emphasizing the importance of ASEAN to the development of South Korea, Prof. Lee Sun Jin said that the ASEAN - RoK relationship in recent years has changed rapidly and actively in many areas. So far, ASEAN has become Korea's largest economic partner, the second-largest trading partner, after China. Apart from economic activities, tourism is also an area where new progresses have been achieved in cooperation between the two countries. With great economic potential, ASEAN has become one of the major attractions to Korean investors.

The delegates took a photo

Prof. Lee Sun Jin earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Seoul National University in 1975. He  spent a number of years working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, taking on various positions in Korea and abroad. He also served as Korean Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Republic of Indonesia; Vice Minister in charge of international organizations and policymakers. He has published numerous scientific works in major journals and authored many books. Currently, Prof. Lee Sun is doing research and teaching at Sogang University, Korea.

News, photo: Ngọc Hà & Mạnh Thắng

Translator: Ngoc Ha/ Proofreader: Le Xuan Tung