Scientific Conference: "Le Duan - An Outstanding Leader of Communist Party of Vietnam, and a Brilliant Child of Quang Tri"
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The conference is aimed at looking back his life and his significant contribution to the revolution of Vietnam and Quang Tri homeland, expressing gratitude of the Party and people to this talented and outstanding senior leader of the Party. It is also an occasion to boost propaganda activities, educate our glorious revolutionary tradition, and arouse national pride in our predecessors’ unyielding struggles for all people, especially for the young generation; strengthening confidence in the Party’s leadership in building and defending the country.

Mr. Vo Van Thuong makes an opening speech

Le Duan’s real name was Le Van Nhuan (Lê Văn Nhuận), born on April 7, 1907, in a family of patriotic working class in Bich La village (Bích La), Trieu Dong district (Triệu Đông), Quang Tri province (Quảng Trị). Within 79 years of his life, 56 years being a Party member, and nearly 60 years engaging in revolutionary activities, Le Duan’s life and career were closely associated with our national revolution from 1920s to 1980s in the XX century, setting a shining example of a pioneering communist fighter who dedicated his whole life to the cause of national liberation, reunification and socialist construction.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Vo Van Thuong, a member of Political Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of Commission for Propaganda and Training of Party Central Committee stressed: “during nearly 60 years of revolutionary activities with 26 consecutive years of being the First Secretary and General Secretary of the Party, Le Duan was absolutely loyal to Marxism-Leninism, to the interests of the Motherland and the people”. He devoted his whole life to the cause of national liberation and unification, heading the country towards socialism. Especially, during difficult and complicated historical times, he made great contributions to the revolution by his breakthroughs and foresights in leadership, laying foundation for national renewal initiated by the Party since the Sixth Party Congress in 1986.

An introductory report made by Prof. Nguyen Xuan Thang, a member of the Party Central Committee, Director of the Academy, suggested some ideas for the conference to make deeper and clearer understanding of Le Duan’s life, career and his great contributions to the revolutionary cause of Party and people in all aspects. The report affirmed that Le Duan’s 60 years of resilient fighting for the Motherland’s  independence and unity,  for the happiness of people, for the revolutionary career  of the Party proves that Le Duan is a shining example of absolute loyalty to revolutionary ideals of the Party and people. He also symbolizes strong will, revolutionary spirit, passionate affection to the Motherland and the people… He is really an embodiment of Vietnam's revolutionary intelligence, Vietnamese historical-cultural values, and the will for independence and self-reliance which were crystallized in the light of Ho Chi Minh Thoughts.

Theoretically, the report affirmed that Le Duan is not only an outstanding leader but also a creative theorist of the Party. His creative theoretical thinking always stemmed from practices in Vietnam, from the Vietnamese cultural - spiritual tradition, from practice to theory, from the use of theory to enlighten practice; always was allergic to any kind of dogmatism. He actively promoted creative application and development of Marxist - Leninist theories in Vietnam's specific conditions, enhancing and enriching intellectual stature of our Party and the people. His theoretical contribution is reflected in the following major strategic ideologies: to dare to fight and set our mind on victory over American invaders; to make strategic ideas in attacking and the art of defeating step by step, in destroying  every conspiracy, and in overthrowing each part to reach the ultimate victory; strategic ideas in attacking and winning over the enemy by comprehensive strength ... In leading and directing our socialist revolutionary cause, he always upheld the flag of national independence associated with socialism, considering it as the most fundamental theoretical point in the strategic direction of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

                                       Representative of Le Duan’s family spoke at the conference

With 40 speeches and a number of comments, the conference went deeper in clarifying  Le Duan’s activities and contributions in different aspects: Le Duan (Lê Duẩn) - a resilient communist fighter, an outstanding Party leader, a major theorist, a creative thinker of the Vietnamese revolution, a true international soldier, an excellent student  and a trustworthy supporter of President Ho Chi Minh, an exemplary communist personality and a noble child of Quang Tri homeland.

Judging on the contributions of Le Duan to the revolutionary cause of the Party and nation, scientists unanimously agreed: Le Duan dedicated all his intelligence and strength to the Party and the revolution of Vietnam. He set a bright example of infinite loyalty to the revolutionary ideal of the Party and nation; of strong will and uncompromising revolutionary spirit, passionate affection, earnestness to the Motherland; of a non-stop thinking, curious mind, and creativity in struggles and in building up the country...


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Traslator: Viet Nga/ Proofreader: Nguyen Van Do