Scientific conference “Anti-Corruption in the State Apparatus of Vietnam - Current Situation and Breakthrough Solutions”
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Participants of the event were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bao, Chief Inspector of the Academy; scientists within and outside Academy; and officials, lecturers, and researchers of the Academy.

Corruption is a global challenge. In Vietnam, corruption has recently become complicated and made negative impacts on many aspects of social life. It has affected significanly the prestige and honour of the Party, eroded the people’s confidence, and threatened regime survival and renovation process of the country. Therefore, preventing and fighting against corruption is one of important duties of the Party and the people. The conference is an opportunity for scientists and lecturers to do exchange and sharing ideas on prevention and fight against corruption, which help them to have research directions and suggestions to contribute to the completion of the draft Anti-corruption Law of Vietnam in the coming time.

An overview of the conference

With lots of presentations and speeches given to the conference, scientists within and outside the Academy focused on research and analysis of limitations in current anti-corruption work; reasons for limitations and weaknesses; analyzed the situation and recommend breakthrough solutions to enhance anti-corruption work in  the future.

The conference ended in the morning of the same day.


News, photos: Ngoc Ha & Manh Thang

Translator: Vu Lan Dung/ Proofreader: Le Xuan Tung