Final Seminar for the 3rd- year research on the “Establishment and Improvement of Market Economy System” within framework of project DEEP for the vision of Vietnam
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Chairmen of the seminar include Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Party Central Theoretical Council, President of HCMA, Director of DEEP project; Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Viet Thao, Vice President of HCMA, Director of the third-year research program; Mr. Kim Jinoh, KOICA Country Director in Vietnam and Mr. Lee Doo Won, Director of DEEP project, Director of the  third-year research program

Vietnamese attendants to the seminar were representatives from ministries and central commissions; experts and scientists within and outside HCMA. On the Korea side, there were representatives from KOICA Vietnam, professors and scientists from Yonsei University, Korean University, Korean National Police University, KDI School of Public Policy and Management.

In his welcoming speech, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Party Central Theoretical Council, President of HCMA, Director of DEEP project affirmed that the topic of the third-year research is currently meaningful for Vietnam and noted that the research topic of the third-year on “Establishment and improvement of market economy system” is the continuity of the two previous topics “Senior human resources development” and “Public sector reform” in the DEEP project which were implemented efficiently in the 2 past years.

Prof, Dr Nguyen Xuan Thang gave a speech at the seminar

Prof, Dr Nguyen Xuan Thang believed that the outcomes of the third-year research will be incorporated with the significant results gained in the first-year and second-year research programs to provide an overview of the project and contribute to its general success. At the seminar, Prof, Dr Nguyen Xuan Thang proposed that delegates, policymakers, officials and scientists would actively discuss, share and deepen research outcomes, policy recommendations of the project to apply into the reality of Vietnam.

In his welcoming speech, Mr. Kim Jinoh, KOICA Country Director in Vietnam stated that, the DEEP project has been implemented within 3 years (2015-2017) with three major research components: “Senior human resources development”, “Public sector reform”, and “Establishment and improvement of market economy system”. The goal of the project is to share and exchange development experiences of Korea, promote the industrialization and modernization process of Vietnam and enhance the strategic relationship between Vietnam and Korea. He emphasized that, this was the right time to summarize and present the best, comprehensive and useful research outcomes for policy building and development of Vietnam as well as Korea.

Mr Kim Jinoh gave his opening speech at the seminar

Availing this occasion, Mr Kim Jinoh conveyed his sincere gratitude to ministries, departments, especially HCMA as the main research partner on the Vietnam side and scientists of both countries for collaborating responsibly and creating good conditions to implement the project effectively.

At the seminar, professors of the Korean and Vietnamese research teams presented a synopsis of detailed research proposal for the third year research program on establishment and improvement of market economy system. It consisted of 4 parts: analyzing economic system in Vietnam with emphasis on social welfare system, studying financial market development to promote economic growth, pointing out the ways to enhance the Vietnamese industry ecosystem, addresing sustainable welfare system for labor market with the consideration of labor flexibility and employment protection.

On such foundation, delegates discussed and gave opinions on research outcomes and feasible policies helping the Vietnamese government to establish and improve market economy system by applying the experiences of Korea.

All participants took a photo

News, photo: Minh Hang & Manh Thang

Translator: Minh Hang/ Proofreader: Nguyen Viet Nga