Delegation of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics visits the Republic of India
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In India, the delegation worked with leaders and scientists of Jamia Millia Univeristy, Jawaharlal Neru Univeristy, Indian Institute of Public Administration and Indian Institute of Social Sciences. During the visit, the delegation was emphasized about the cultural, linguistic, ethnic diversity of India. This is both a strength and a challenge for India to building the country in general and ensuring the people’s freedom of beliefs and religion and human rights in particular.

After independence, India has focused on building and improving the Constitution and laws to establish an important legal foundation for ensuring human rights, citizenship and the implementation of policies to unite religions, nations, and help disadvantageous and vulnerable people. Nowadays, India has recorded great achievements in building and developing country. However, India is facing with big difficulties in ensuring environmental hygiene, social security, and narrowing the rich-poor gap.

At the working sessions, the two sides discussed about programs, policies and measures for hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, especially for ethnic minorities in remote areas. The delegation and Indian scholars exchanged experience about religious equality, intercrossing and tolerance; relations between politics and religion, religion and government; and the structure of religion, politics and society. The two sides also exchanged views on the protection of mothers and children, encouragement for women in labor, policies towards ethnic minorities in the each country, and the measures, policies and laws to attract foreign investment, including the attraction of Indian nationals living abroad to participate in building the country.

Within the program, the delegation worked with the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Republic of India. On 7th Dec 2017, the delegation returned Vietnam and successfully ended the three-day working trip with 4 agencies in India.

News: Hoang Hung Hai

Translator: Minh Hang/ Proofreader: Assoc, Prof. Dr Hoang Van Nghia