Delegation of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics visits New Zealand
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Within the framework of the program, the delegation undertook research studies in Auckland – the biggest city and Wellington – the capital of New Zealand.

The research studies focused on theoretical knowledge and practical experience of the delegation in New Zealand, and were divided into two main parts of lecturing and exchanging ideas: (1) The first part was carefully held and deployed by professors from Auckland University of Technology (AUT); (2) The second part was conducted by officials from some agencies, organizations of central government, local authorities and enterprises. Besides, the delegation also had a visit to the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Wellington, New Zealand.

*The first part of the program

In AUT, Auckland city, the delegation was shared information and experience of New Zealand about: (1) Human resource management and leadership science; (2) Administration science; (3) High-ranking leader management; (4) Leading estimation method (of State Services Commission); (5) Challenges in economic management; (6) Public asset management; (7) Electoral system; (8) Institutional reform; (9) Specific policy for indigenous people, ethnic minority (Maori).

                                                     The delegation studied in AUT

*The second part of the program

The members of the delegation met and discussed with representatives of some agencies, organizations of New Zealand’s government from central to local in Auckland and Wellington with a view to having more comprehensive knowledge about many public sectors. These included: Political institution and the political system’s organizational model in New Zealand; Human resource management in the public sector in general and senior human resource management in the public sector in particular (experiences and lessons from the management of high-level officials: recruiting, training, fostering, using, rotating, evaluating and treating); Electoral and operating mechanism of the Parliament; The Cabinet of New Zealand; Reform in labour relations and issues of health and safety; Development of the Air New Zealand; Evaluating system of leaders and managers; Mechanism of finding talented people and choosing leaders in the public sector; New public management model (new public administration) - this model has changed the organizational structure and the functions, duties and behaviors of each officials. In addition, some other issues were presented and discussed, such as policies in the fields of economic management, public investment, public expenditure, taxation, and so on; challenges, lessons and solutions to management of New Zealand’s administrations at all levels.

           The delegation worked with Ministry of Training and Education of New Zealand


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Translator: Minh Hang/ Proofreader: Dr Le Xuan Tung