Academy delegation visits and presents gifts to soldiers and islanders on the Truong Sa archipelago
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This is the second mission in 2018 headed by the Ministry of National Defence. Lieutenant General Do Can, Deputy Chief of the General Political Department of Vietnam People’s Army, Rear Admiral Pham Van Vung, Political Commissar of the Vietnam People’s Navy as its deputy head along with generals, and officers of Vietnam People’s Army to visit and examin Party and political work in islands in the Truong Sa district.

During the trip, the delegation had stopover and gave gifts to soldiers on Song Tu Tay, Da Nam, Son Ca, Nam Yet, Sinh Ton, Co Lin, Toc Tan A, Phan Vinh A, Da Tay A and B, and Truong Sa Lon (Big Truong Sa) islands in the district.  A solemn ceremony was held to commemorate heroic martyrs who sacrificed to protect Truong Sa archipelago and the southern continental shelf of Vietnam. Besides, they burned incense at the Temple for Uncle Ho, Tran Hung Dao and General Vo Nguyen Giap statues, and pagodas in the islands.

Overcoming the harsh weather conditions, the Academy delegation successfully completed programmes, plans, and objectives, ensuring absolute safety in all aspects. Its members contributed to the success of the mission by seriously obeying the discipline of the trip and actively participating in the visits, encouragement, gifts delievery to soldiers and islanders on the Truong Sa island district; cultural performances; discussion; and paper writing. The Academy delegation left good impressions on soldiers and islanders as well as on the crews and delegates on the Truong Sa ship HQ571.

Appreciating activities of the Academy delegation, Lieutenant General Do Can asked the Academy leaders to cooperate with the General Political Department of Vietnam People’s Army to plan similar visits of officials and lecturers of the Academy annually. This activity is aimed to widely and deeply spread the love for the homeland’s sea and determination to firmly defend national sovereignty over the sea, islands, and the continental shelf to students who are trained and will be trained at the Academy in the coming time.

Besides, the Academy delegation was voted as the excellent group in the Ba Nhat (Three Firsts) movement launched by the Navy during the trip. Members of the delegation were honored to receive Truong Sa Soldier Medal awarded by the High Command of Vietnam People’s Navy.

Some photos on the visit of the Academy delegation to the Truong Sa district island:

The delegation attends the flag-raising ceremony and watch soldiers’ parade on Truong Sa island

The delegation attends the ceremony of giving mainland soil to Truong Sa island

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Translator: Vu Lan Dung/ Proofreader: Nguyen Thi Viet Nga