Academy of Journalism and Communications
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The Academy of Journalism and Communications was established on January 16, 1962, originated from the Party Central Committee’s School for Popularization and Education. The academy is a key institution offering training for officials and lecturers in political theory, press-communications and ideology-culture as well as other social sciences and humanities.

The Academy of Journalism and Communications has a modern library system with many reading rooms and a diversity of books and documents, meeting requirements of students and teachers.

The academy has been awarded:

  • Second-class Independence Order (1992)

  • First-class Independence Order (2001)

  • Ho Chi Minh Order (2007) and many other noble rewards

Address: 36 Xuan Thuy street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi

Telephone: 04.37546963 - Fax: 04.37548949

Email: - Website:

The Academy of journalism and Communications provides a training programme following the national education system, with tertiary, master and postgraduate courses.


Concentrated courses in four years

29 majors:

  • Sociology

  • Social work

  • Marxist-Leninist philosophy

  • Scientific socialism

  • Marxist-Leninist political economy

  • Economy management

  • History of the Communist Party of Vietnam

  • Party and Government building

  • Culture-ideology management

  • Development politics

  • Social management

  • Ho Chi Minh Thought

  • Political theory education

  • Development culture

  • Public policy

  • State management science

  • Publishing

  • Printing press

  • Pictorial press

  • Radio broadcasting

  • Television broadcasting

  • Cinematography

  • Online newspapers

  • Multimedia

  • Information for external relations

  • Politic relations and international communications

  • Public relations

  • Advertisement

  • English language


Duration: 18 months for concentrated training and 24 months for non-concentrated training

13 majors:

  • Journalism

  • Publishing

  • Public relations

  • Social management

  • Philosophy

  • Scientific socialism

  • Political economics

  • History of the Communist Party of Vietnam

  • Party and Government building

  • Ideological work

  • Ho Chi Minh studies

  • Political science

  • Sociology


Duration: 3 years for concentrated training


  • Journalism

  • Ideological work



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