• President Tran Dai Quang extends New Year greetings

    President Tran Dai Quang has extended his seasonal greetings and best wishes to citizens nationwide on the eve of the traditional lunar New Year Festival (Tet).

  • International integration and its impacts on Party building in Vietnam

    The website of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics would like to introduce the feature authored by Prof. Dr. Vu Van Hien, Deputy Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council, published in the Journal of Vietnam Communist Party’s History in January 2017.  [TLX1]Sửa theo tên tiếng Anh của T/c

  • October Revolution continues to light up our path

    The website of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics would like to introduce the article “October Revolution continues to light up our path” by Prof. Nguyen Duc Binh, former Politburo member, former Secretary of the Party Central Committee, former Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council, former President of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics. ***

  • Comprehensive renovation of management, investment and financial mechanism in science and technologies

    The Document of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam defines that strong development of science and technologies and making them a truly primary national policy are the most important driving forces for the development of a modern production force and knowledge economy and improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy, protect the environment, and maintain national defense and security. To fulfill this task, the most urgent issue at present is comprehensive renovation of the management, investment and financial mechanism in scientific and technological activities.

  • Grasping and applying the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress to address the relationship between economic and political renewal in Vietnam

    The 12th Party Congress while emphasizing to comprehensively and synchronously scale up the renovation affirmed to continue addressing the 9 major relations in the renovation process, in which the second biggest relation is that between economic and political renewal. More concretely, three out of the six key tasks during the 12th Party Congress tenure set out by the Communist Party of Vietnam focus on political and economic renewal, and the two tasks on political renewal is placed as primary duties. This shows the role and importance of economic renewal, political renewal, and the relationship between them.

  • Political Theory No 11, Dec, 2016

  • Developing the strength of great national unity in building and safeguarding Vietnam in face of new requirements

    The Party strength is the close relationship between the Party and the people. Thus, all Party guidelines and State laws and policies need to be relevant to people’s will, stem from people’s legitimate interests and aspirations, make people understand, be alive to and turn them into their will and action and go into life. The mission of the Party and the entire political system is to incessantly renew its leadership modality, enhance its intelligence and fighting strength to rally people of all strata in the great national unity bloc, creating solid strength in the cause of building and safeguarding the Socialist Republic of Vietnam homeland.

  • The path to socialism and continued reform of theory on socialist construction in Vietnam – 30 years of renewal under review

    The reality in Vietnam over the past 85 years, particularly 30 years of implementing the renewal towards socialism under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, has persuasively shown that Marxism-Leninism only mapped out the general characteristics of a future socialism. It failed to map out a detailed path to socialism for nations, including Vietnam, a relatively backward nation in the East.

  • Fidel Castro – Great friend of Vietnam

    “Cuba is willing to devote blood for Vietnam” is among famous statements of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castrol, a name that Vietnamese people always keep in their mind with love, admiration and deep sympathy.

  • Identifying “Peaceful Evolution” in ideological and cultural fields

    The “Peaceful evolution” strategy of hostile forces targeting our country in the fields of culture and ideology remains unchanged. Their ultimate goal is to overthrow the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and to abolish the socialist regime in our country to reorient Vietnam towards the capitalism.