• Contributing to perfecting the socialist-oriented market economy in the context of international integration in Vietnam

    Over the past 30 years of renovation, Vietnam has made important achievements in socio-economic development. However, as the Communist Party of Vietnam has stated, the risk of economically lagging behind countries in the region and in the world is serious for Vietnam. Therefore, in terms of theory and practice, the completion of the socialist-oriented market economy in the new context of international integration is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed in Vietnam at present.

  • Marxism - Leninism never goes out of date

    Recently, some Western researchers and Vietnamese Party members have stated that Marxism and Leninism are outdated. They claim that in this day and age, we cannot build a good new society with prosperous people and a strong, democratic, equal and civilized nation based on those outdated theories.  We must consider several questions: Is Marxism - Leninism outdated in its theories applying to scientific significance and practical social goals? If the answer is yes, what are the reasons and foundations? If the answer is no, why can it be?

  • What make the greatness of Ho Chi Minh?

    President Ho Chi Minh was worldwide known as a legendary leader when he was alive. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) honoured President Ho Chi Minh as hero of national liberation and great man of culture. So, what make the greatness of Ho Chi Minh?

  • Ho Chi Minh’s thought on revolutionary morality and the issue of Party building today

    Ho Chi Minh’s thought on revolutionary morality plays a role of utmost importance in the system of his thought. That is one of the foundations for our Party to lay down guidelines on cadres and party members' education and training and the Party building in the new situation.

  • A bold distortion of Ho Chi Minh’s thought

    Distortion and denial of Ho Chi Minh’s thought represent one of the allegations that hostile forces are seeking to disseminate with a view to undermining and altering the ideological base of the Communist Party of Vietnam and advancing towards abolishing the Party’s leading role and socialist regime in our country. Recognition and struggle against such allegations, therefore, are urgent tasks today.

  • Undeniable values of Ho Chi Minh Thought

    Ho Chi Minh thought is a “system of comprehensive and profound views on Vietnamese revolution’s basic issues, resulting from the flexible application and development of Marxism-Leninism into our concrete conditions, the inheritance and development of national traditional values, and the absorbing of human kind’s cultural quintessence”.

  • Book Introduction: Vitality “Things to Do Now”

    The Book "Things to Do Now" provides additional theoretical and practical concepts for leading, guiding and implementing the CPV's policies and guidelines in staffing within its organization and members at all levels. It also acts as tool to thoroughly grasp and fully implement CPV's Resolution in maintaining its truthfulness, efficiency on the one hand; and enables a clean, strong CPV building toward the nation innovation and prosperity.

  • Book Introduction: “Multilateral Diplomacy in Contemporary International Relation”

    In contribution to the provision of reference for researches on multilateral diplomacy - current trends and development practices of the diplomatic channel in the coming years, the National Politics - Truth Publishing House published the book Multilateral Diplomacy in Contemporary International Relations edited by Dr Luu Thuy Hong - lecturer at the National Academy of Journalism and Propaganda.

  • Ho Chi Minh researching style – content and value

    Ho Chi Minh’s researching style is one part of his style manifested in his thinking and writing, and most importantly, his practicing in reality. His conducting research style represented a process starting from rational awareness, conceiving the ideological and theoretical values of the previous generations to form his theses and apply them reasonably into practice.

  • Ho Chi Minh’s style of expression

    Ho Chi Minh’s style is his specific features shown in the noble, energetic revolutionary life of a national liberation hero and a great man of culture, developed during his years of hardships and sacrifices for the cause of national, social, class and human liberation.