Viet Nam - Cuba relationship: 55 pure and faithful years
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On the 2nd of December 1960, 55 years ago, the diplomatic relations between Government of Republic of Cuba and Government of Vietnam Democratic Republic were established, opening a new page of the friendship between two nations which are in East and West of the earth. The milestone of 2-12-1960 was not accidental. It was an inevitable result of relationship among nations that pioneered in the struggle against colonialism, imperialism; has imbued epic and the reflection of the reality of revolutionary internationalism in our time.

With sound awareness of struggle of Vietnamese people and army against America contributing to protect peace and liberty and happiness of Asian, Africa and American nations, of whom the Party and people of Cuba gave political support to Vietnam that was timely, dynamic and effective. On the 12th of December 1961, Cuba was the first nation that recognized South Viet Nam National Liberation Front. September 1963, the Cuban Committee of Solidarity with South Vietnam was established (from 1965 it was renamed the Cuban Committee of Solidarity with Vietnam). The Committee initiated encouraged, assembled forces and appealed the classes of Cuban people to attend different activities in order to share fire with Vietnam.

             Chủ tịch Fidel Castro thăm các chiến sỹ tại Quảng Trị. (Ảnh tư liệu)

In July 1967, Cuba was the first nation establishing the embassy in liberated zone in South Vietnam, which gave valuable assistance and encouragement to liberation troops. In September 1973, regardless of danger in the battlefield, President Fidel Castro came to Quang Tri and became to be the first and unique foreign head of state to visit liberated zone in South Vietnam. In 30-4-1975, when Saigon was liberated, Cuba was flooded with flags and flowers as well as tears in a big happy victory day of nation “for Vietnam, we are ready to devote our blood.”

From 1975 onward, Vietnam and Cuba have stood side by side in the cause of building of socialism and national defense. President Fidel Castro asserted the gratitude faithful friendship of over 10 million Cuban people: “if in the past we were ready to devote our blood, then we’ll be ready to sweat to support Vietnam to rebuild the country”.  A number of Cuban officials, engineers, doctors, workers and technicians volunteered to work in Vietnam. A range of projects reflecting Cuba-Vietnam brotherhood were implemented: Moc Chau dairy farm, Luong My chicken farm, Thang Loi Hotel, Xuan Mai - Son Tay - Ba Vi  Highway, Vietnam - Cuba Hospital, Dong Hoi Hospital, Moncada Research Center…In spite of difficulties, Cuban people still shared thousands ton of sugar, thousands of chicken eggs, cow and buffalo breeds, a vermicelli factory, a prefabricated house factory, 4 transceiver stations, 4 weather stations…At the end of 1982, The Cuba - Vietnam Treaty of Amity and Cooperation was signed in La Habana defining the legal framework of the relation that was “luxuriant and laden with fruits”. On this occasion, President Fidel Castro said: “As small rivers from different sources and solitarily going through waterfalls and rapids, our countries had gone through history before joining mighty river of socialism revolution”.

The Cuban golden hearts for Vietnam still shined at forums and international organizations after 1975. In circumstance of Western countries and hostile forces that have used every tricks in order to blockade, isolate, anti - Vietnam in the international arena, Cuba is still faithful, stand by Vietnam, proudly supports and protects. Now, the diplomatic hand of Vietnam reaches to the distant horizon. However, we always appreciate; express our gratitude to Cuba because of consistent viewpoint and effective activities during the past difficult years.

Since the end of 1980s and in early 1990s, Vietnam, Cuba and other socialist countries faced historic challenges. The Parties and people of the two countries enter the new battle to protect, maintain, consolidate and develop socialism. Again, the pure internationalism of gunuine revolutionists makes new historic pages of Vietnam - Cuba relation more shining in every aspect of politics, economy, culture, and science - technology. 

On the political filed, Vietnam and Cuba strengthen solidarity; mutual support and coordinate in the international arena. Every year there are a number of senior officials of the Parties, Governments and Unions of the two countries officially, friendly visit each other in order to exchange experience in national renovation and reforms as well as discussing and expressing same viewpoints about important international issues. In Vietnam, a nationwide program of learning, uniting and supporting to Cuba was launched with the participation of the majority of the masses, committees, departments, organizations and unions…and presided by Vietnam Fatherland Front. There has appeared countless good deed of Vietnamese people from the children to elderly people, from lowlanders to highlanders showing support, share with Cuban people, which reflects honesty and voluntariness like doing for themselves. The solidarity, consensus and political support between Vietnam and Cuba are also reflected by consistent activities of the two Parties and States in the international communist movement, The Non-Aligned Movement, multilateral diplomatic relations, United Nations and other international forums.

To regard solidarity, support and cooperation with Cuba as an imperative of heart, The Party, State and People of Vietnam has mobilized a valuable economic source supporting Cuban people to overcome material deprivation in the special period. In Vietnam, program of 20 thousand tons of rice, 5 millions packs of paper, 5 thousands of clothes… for Cuban people were excellently completed. In addition to these presents, though very modest in volume but it expressed the brotherhood “sharing every bowl of rice and every bit of clothes”, Vietnam and Cuba have promoted economic-trade relations as well as developed bilateral economic cooperation with the new contents, mechanisms and forms suitable to economic reform in both countries; and strengthen solidarity, traditional friendship and enhance the effectiveness of the cooperation programs.

Vietnam - Cuba cooperation  has expaned in many areas of agriculture, industry, construction, trade, investment, culture, education, technology…Vietnam transfers technology and breeder; helps Cuba to implement small-scale wet rice cultivation, pearl cultivation,  ceramic technology development, maitaining volume of rice exporting to Cuba… Cuba has been continuing to cooperate and help Vietnam in sugarcane technology, processing by-product from sugarcane, culturing crocodile; culturing and using Mosca pinta to eliminate sugarcane pests and diseases; transferring disease resistance genes in rice, cabbage and sweet potato; consulting to supervise constructions of sport complex, Ho Chi Minh highway; providing technical supporting to develop “simplex” housing design technology in wetlands Mekong Delta; supporting some important medical projects… Regarding investment, Cuba and Vietnam have implemented two effective projects that are Vietnam International Construction Co. Ltd (VIC) and Vietnam Microbiology enterprise (BIO VIETNAM).

The consolidation and development of Vietnam - Cuba relation is one of the factors contributing to the protection, maitennance and development of socialism in the two nations during passing years. The reform process in Vietnam and the updating economic model of Cuba have made a premise, interaction and supplementary to each other in both aspects of theory and practice of socialist construction. The results of communist-brotherhood and passionate love relations are so clear. Vietnam overcame crisis and underdeveloped condition, enters the period of industrialization and modernization. Cuba has gradually overcome difficulties of the special period: economy has been in tempo of development; national security, politics and society have been stable; the preeminence of socialism on health, education, sport and culture…have been maitained. Contrary to crazy ambition of hostile forces, the position of Vietnam and Cuba has been increasingly recognized in the international arena, especially the US Government had to accept the normalization ofd relations with Cuba after more than half century of embargo.

The struggle for national liberation of colonial and dependent countries’ people from the end of 19th century to the beginning of 20th century, built up many relations reflecting fighting solidarity among nations.  Vietnam - Cuba relations are deserved to be a great example that has experienced many historic years and periods and is national pride of both countries. In the immediate future, the renovation, reformation and socialism building are to face a lot of difficulties and challenges. Socialists and the people of Vietnam and Cuba are steady to go ahead with the strength of the August Revolution 1945, the Moncada Attack (7/1953), the Battle of Dien Bien Phu (5/1954), Giron (4/1961), the Great Victory of 1975 Spring and Vietnam - Cuba traditional friendship over the past 50 years. Vietnam - Cuba brothers “will be more and more growing, forever sticking, mutual help, firmly on the path of struggling for peace, national independence, democracy and socialism”, as H.E Nguyen Phu Trong - the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, on behalf of the Party, State and the People of Vietnam said.

Translator: Bui Ha; Proofreader: Trương Hồ Hải


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