International Solidarity Week with Venezuela
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The event attracted the participation of nearly 200 domestic representatives and more than 300 international representatives from almost 100 countries, who were members of political parties, social movement, communist, leftist and progressive forces. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Thao, Vice President of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics attended the event as Chairman of the Vietnam-Venezuela Friendship Association.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro makes a speech at the closing session

Mrs. Delcy Rodriguez, Chairperson of Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly, Mr. Jorge Arreaza, Foreign Minister and outstanding intellectuals gave talks at the opening session at Teresa Carreño Opera House in the morning of March 5. Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro attended and delivered a speech at the closing session on March 7.

At the event, the leaders summed up revolutionary results of the country in the past five years with an emphasis on the maintenance of major orientations of the 21st century socialism path, consistent patriotism and Bolivar’s anti-imperialism, and the prevention of many coup plots and civil war by opposing forces. Although challenges await ahead, the hardest time was over and no schools and hospitals were closed. The Government of Venezuela has implemented special measures to provide food and necessities for the people.

International and national representatives discussed about topics: women and gender equality; youth education; benefits for workers; government and media and political issues. several ministers and deputy ministers of Venezuela presented the report at the discussions. Thanks to the discussion, the international community had understood more about the remarkable achievements of Bolivar’s revolutionary cause in nearly 20 years since 1999. The revolution opened up the path of national liberation and built a socio-economic model with progression, equality, justice, and humanity. Besides, the foreign community perceived the harmful nature of the media war spread out by the US imperialists and the opposing forces to distort the image of the country every day.

On the sidelines of the event, the Academy Vice President had meetings with leaders of the Communist Party of Venezuela, head of delegations from Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and other countries. He also made a visit to Vietnam Embassy and had a talk with the Ambassador and officers there.

The symbol of the “We are all Venezuela” International Solidarity Week with the Bolivarian revolution


Xuan Nguyen from Venezuela

Translator: Vu Lan Dung/ Proofreader: Vu Thanh Van


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