Book Introduction: Vitality “Things to Do Now”
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On the occasion of 87th anniversary of the establishment of Communist Party of Vietnam (CVP), and for the purpose of materialization of study, grasping and implementation of Resolution from 4th plenum ofits 12th Congress on strengthening party building and reorganization, the People Newspaper in collaboration with the National Politics - Truth Publishing House published the book: Vitality “Things to Do Now” by N.V.L. as posted on the People Newspaper. The website of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics (HCMA) is please to introduce the book widely to the readers.

People Newspaper first posted the article Things to Do Now on its front page with bold headline 30 years ago (25 May 1987). The article was signed to N.V.L. which immediately attracted public interest for several days. Things to Do Now then became a regular column in the People newspaper. The author became known and favourite to readers. The author whose pen-name was N.V.L. continued sending his coincise, full of militant spirit, and direct articles to the People Newspaper. He was later identified as Nguyen Van Linh - the then CPV’s General Secretary.

When writing Things to Do Now, the author N.V.L desired to help the public understand the CPV's resolution to fight against the negative phenomena, corrupted individual, Party members. Comrade Nguyen Van Linh consideredit as a chance to promote the rights to democracy and citizenship of the people. He also asked all levels within the Party and its government to "bring these cases underdiscipline by the State, Administration and Party".

The desire of Nguyen Van Linh when writing Things to Do Now was that it acted as an anti-corruption platform with advocacy from mass media and participation of the public. The reason was that he, himself, or just a few people like him could not know everything, say everything and do everything. It is only with unity of actions of entire CPV and the people that can make a real change for the country.

Vietnam is currently implementing Resolution from the 4th plenum of CPV’s 12 Congress on on strengthening party building and reorganization; aiming to prevent and repel the degradation in terms of political thought, ethics of lifestyle, manifestation of “self-evolving”, “self-transforming” internally. Therefore, the People Newspaper organized the collection, research, compilation and coordination for the publishing of Vitality “Things to Do Now” in collaboration with National Politics - Truth Publishing House, targeting to provide more material for theoretical and practical lessons for the effective implementation of Resolution from the 4th Plenum of the 12th Congress.

The book consists of 31 articles written by the late General Secretary - Nguyen Van Linh and other articles associated with CPV buildingor currently urgent issues issues. The book is divided into three main sections:

The first part introduces 31 articles, titled "Things to Do Now" by the late General Secretary - Nguyen Van Linh who directly wroted and posted on the People Newspaper under the "Things to Do Now" column.

The second part introduces the lessons drawn out from 20 years in response to "Things to Do Now" campaign.

The third part systematically introduces a set of guiding viewpoints, recommendations and solutions for strengthening the CPV building and reorganization, in terms of politics, ideology and organization, illustrated throughResolutions from Central Congresses of VIII, IX X, XI, and XII sessions.

The Book "Things to Do Now" provides additional theoretical and practical concepts for leading, guiding and implementing the CPV's policies and guidelines in staffing within its organization and members at all levels. It also acts as tool to thoroughly grasp and fully implement CPV's Resolution in maintaining its truthfulness, efficiency on the one hand; and enables a clean, strong CPV building toward the nation innovation and prosperity.


Translator: Thanh Ha/ Proofreader: Ngo Tuan Nghia


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