Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Tran Van Trang
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Title: “Human resource for the modernization of Vietnam Customs in international integration”

Field of Study: Political Economy

Code                          : 62 310102

PhD Candidate: Tran Van Trang

Supervisor        : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Xuan Thuy

Training Insittution: Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics


1. Human resource for Vietnam Customs sector is a particular part of national human resource under state management with relevant quantity, quality and structure, in accordance with the requirements to carry out state management mandate on customs at each stage of national development. The human resource of Vietnam Customs includes General Administration of customs, provincial customs department, and customs control unit.

2. During the period of 2011-2015, Vietnam Customs human resource has developed as the main force of the customs sector to meet work requirements. However, there are still many limitations, such as: 1) the performance of labor is relatively low compared to the customs service in other developed countries within the region and around the world; 2) professional qualifications of some customs officers have not yet met the requirements of work assignment; 3) some customs officials are limited in soft skills, computer skills, foreign languages capacity; 4) there has been a degradation in morality and lifestyle of a small number of customs officers. The cause of these limitations are: 1) the limitation of the organizational model; 2) the lack of accomplishing and inadequacy of the assessment criteria; 3) The limitation of human resource development for Customs; 4) the training and retraining is inadequate; 5) Some customs officers are not really self-conscious, active learners to improve their professional qualifications and other needed skills and they do not strictly abide the laws and working discipline or lack of moral consciousness and lifestyle.

3. Some key recommendations to develop human resources for the modernization of Vietnam Customs in international integration by 2035 are 1) to develop and improve the regulation system on human resource development for customs sector; 2) to continue to improve human resource assessment criteria in customs sector; 3) to increase the training and re-training of Customs personnel; 4) to develop a flexible outcome - based human resource management mechanism; 5) to create motivation for the development of Customs human resource.

Ha Noi. date 16/02/2017