Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Tran Minh Chinh
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1. Village “quan ho” cultural activity is a set of cultural phenomena with community nature, which consisted of the following basic components: space for “quan ho” cultural activities; community of “quan ho” village; “quan ho” oratorio; “quan ho” friend – making; “quan ho” cultural communication; “quan ho” artists resources development. Those activities exist and develop in the environment of a traditional village, where singing play a central role.

2. Village “quan ho” cultural activity nowadays is inherited from the tradition, but it has changed comprehensively due to the significant changes of the economic – cultural – social situation. The changes in thinking and perception of cultural values led to changes in behavior and ways of living, ways of innovation, spaces and time, the participants and participation purposes.

3. Viewpoints of preserving and promoting village “quan ho” cultural activity contemporary: (1) To preserve and promote the village “quan ho” cultural activity to meet the requirements of building culture and people of Vietnam; (2) To respect cultural diversity; (3) To attach to a traditional atmosphere; (4) To enhance the role of people’s subjectivity; (5) To attach with local social – economic development; (6) To pay attention to the context of international integration.

4. Some basic solutions to preserve and promote village “quan ho” cultural activity nowadays: (1) To honor the “quan ho” artists; (2) To harmonize the preservation of traditional “quan ho” culture and the inheritance and development of “quan ho” culture to fit the needs and demands of contemporary human; (3) To develop a comprehensive and detailed plan on the conversation and promotion of “quan ho” cultural spaces; (4) To build and develop specialized researches, especially the local people who have ability to do multi-disciplinary research on Northern culture and “quan ho” culture; (5) To expand “quan ho” cultural space; (6) To invest for “quan ho” theatre building; (7) To conserve and  develop Viem Xa village into typical “quan ho” village; (8) Through UNESCO, to connect, communicate and promote the image and role of “quan ho” in the international and regional cultural life.



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