Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Phan Van Hieu
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Title: Collective economies in constructing modern countryside in Quang Ngai province

Field of study. Political economy;

Code:                              62 3101 02

PhD Candidate: Phan Van Hieu

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hau

Training institution: Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics


  1. Collective economy development in constructing modern countryside is an economic solution of strategic meaning to contribute to the objectives of sustainable development in rural areas. Although collective economy itself is targeted towards a sustainable development for the benefit of the participants, while the goal of constructing modern countryside is up to the State's policy decisions and strong commitment of the people, the process of collective economic development if in the right direction, will create a form of economic organisation as a basis to promote construction of modern countryside.
  2. In the period of 2011-2015, efforts in collective economic development in modern countryside construction in Quang Ngai were increased in quantity, diversity of organisational forms; improving the efficiency of the economy, employment and income of the people. Collective economy has made important contributions to the implementation of the criteria of modern countryside construction. However, the development process has exposed many shortcomings. These are: 1) the development has not been as expected; 2) the scale of collective economic units is small, declining capital contributed by cooperative members, bonding level is of initial phase; 3) the number of members of the collective economic base has increased, but not real; 4) the business performance of many collective economy units is low.
  3. To vigorously promote in the right path, collective economy development in constructing modern countryside in Quang Ngai till 2025, with vision to 2030, these solution groups need to be implemented in synchronisation: 1) Measures of raising awareness about collective economy development group in constructing modern countryside; 2) Measures of facilitating social-economic condition neccessary for collective economy development in rural areas; 3) Measures to improve management of collective economy development in constructing modern countryside; 4) Measures to improve operational efficiency of collective economy units in rural areas; 5) Measures of support and preferential policies for collective economy in constructing modern countryside.

Hanoi, date 27/01/2017


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