Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Nguyen Cong Lap
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Title: “Application of Ho Chi Minh ideology on social policy during the Renov ation period in Vietnam”

Field of Study: Ho Chi Minh Studies

Code: 62 31 02 04

PhD Candidate: Nguyen Cong Lap

Supervisors:             1. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung

2. Dr. Tran Van Hai

Training Institution: Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics


  1. Ho Chi Minh's ideology of social policy is a system of views on the purposes, objects, contents, requirements and forces that implement social policy. Hie implementation of social policy is to solve problems directly related to human, thereby improving the material and spiritual life of the people.
  2. The application of Ho Chi Minh's ideology of social policy in the Renovation period in Vietnam has brought into the full play of the capacity of individuals and communities in building and developing the nation. At the same time, it also limited to a certain extent the negative effects arising from the market economy environment and from the process of globalization and international integration. However, there have been a number of constraints that need to be addressed, such as: problems in creating jobs for labourers, poverty reduction, health care for the people, and policy for the people with merit.
  3. Solutions to apply Ho Chi Minh ideology on social policy in Vietnam at present: (1) To strengthen the education to raise awareness of Part) committees, local government. Father Front and cadres on the role of social policy; (2) To regularly organize training courses for cadres and Party members who are responsible for social policy; (3) To promote the propaganda and mobilization of the people to participate in the implementation of social policies: (4) To consolidate the apparatuses of agencies at all levels in the management and administration of the implementation of social policies; (5) To strengthen the training of staff working in the field of social policy; (6) To mobilize domestic resources to implement social policies; (7) To expand international cooperation to attain more resources and experience in developing and implementing social policies; (8) To strengthen the inspection and supervision of the social policies implementation: (9) To strengthen the review of theory and practice of social policy implementation./.