Leadership and management training
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1   Training programme on advanced political theory

Targeted people:

  • Leaders and managers at central, provincial and district levels, state-owned enterprise groups (department head and deputy head and equivalents at central ministries, agencies, organizations and Party committees; member of the provincial Party committee, member of the municipal Party committee, head and deputy head of departments, agencies and organizations of provinces and cities)

  • District-level key officials and equivalents  (secretary  and  vice secretary  of the district Party committee, chairperson of the district People’s Council and People’s Committee)

  • Officials who are planned for the above-mentioned titles

Training forms and durations:

  • In-service  training for cadres who are holding the above-said titles,  aged  40 upwards for men and 35 upwards for women. Training duration: two years.

  • Concentrated  training for officials aged  below 40 for men and below 35 for women. They pursue their study at training establishments under the academy. Training duration: 10 months.

  • Training programme for key leaders and management officials sent by the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party under  the form of concentrated  political theory training at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics in a time of five months.

2   Progammes updating and improving professional knowledge

  • Short-term training courses for leaders and managers in sectors such as inspection, organization, popularization and education, religious affairs,  mass mobilization, external relations, Party committees’ affairs.

  • Training for lecturers from schools of politics in teaching methods.

  • Courses  updating on the  guidelines and policies of the  Party and the  State, improving knowledge on political theory, revolutionary viewpoints and policies of the Communist Party of Vietnam, as well as providing common knowledge on the land, people and socio-economic development situation of Vietnam for officials from left-wing parties of other countries which have ties with Vietnam.

  • Short-term courses improving and updating knowledge for key leaders and officials of the Party and State organized by the Politburo and Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, including courses improving knowledge for Party Central Committee members and others  for officials who are planned for the next tenure.

 Proofreader: Assoc.Prof,Dr. Ngo Tuan Nghia