Closing schoolyear and conferring doctorate and master degree to the second batch of students in 2016
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Participants included Prof. Dr Nguyen Xuan Thang, Member of the Party Central Committee, Party Secretary, President of HCMA; Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Viet Thao, Vice President of HCMA; representatives from Party Committee, Trade Union, all departments and institutes of HCMA; along with all the teachers and students of HCMA.

 Prof, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, President of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics gives the speech at the ceremony

Representative from Department of Training Management presented the Education Summary Report. After completing the program, the students have been equipped with basic knowledge of Marxism, Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Thought, Party’s views and guidelines, State’s policies and specialized knowledge. Furthermore, most of their papers have been not only in line with the scientific strategy of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics but also in close connection with the reality of students’ regions and workplaces, which stimulates the application of theory into practice.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, President of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics conveyed his warm congratulations to all students, who had finished the programs successfully. This achievement could be an important milestone in their career. Prof, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang hoped that after completing the course, all the students would continue to further their study and research in order to promote their  knowledge and improve the effectiveness of their organizations. The Academy will expect their new achievements, and welcome them to attend other training courses of the Academy.

118 students, including 50 doctorate students (batch 27, 28, 29) and 68 master students (batch 20, 21) in various majors, were qualified for graduation and degree.


Translator: Hai Van/ Proofreader: Vu Thanh Van