Scientific Research
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The Academy’s  scientific research  activities have  actively contributed   to  the protection and development of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s Thought as well as the guidelines and policies of the Party and the law of the State. From the scientific research results, the academy has contributed critical opinions and consultancy, and provided scientific and practical grounds for the outlining of guidelines and policies for national development. These results have positively contributed to the academy’s personnel training and the political theory education in the country.

The quality of scientific research has been improved with many valuable scientific works that have great influence in the social life. Annually, the academy has more than 200 articles from works made public under the forms of publishing books and running on newspapers, magazines, bulletins and other means of communication.




  • Implementing all-level scientific research projects.

  • Carrying out projects and programmes to survey and summarize realities.

  • Organizing scientific workshops and discussions.

  • International cooperation in scientific research.


  • Studying scientific and practical bases to give advice to the Party and the State in outlining guidelines for national construction and development, and renovating the organization and operation of the political system.

  • Serving the  building,  development  and  improvement  of the  quality of the academy’s training programmes.


  • Studying the Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s Thought, scientific and practical bases for outlining the guidelines of the Party and the policies and law of the State; doing researches on political science, leadership and management sciences and some social sciences; summarizing the reality and developing theory on socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam.

  • Studying and compiling the history of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the history of the world revolutionary movement.

  • Studying, building and supplementing programmes and contents; organizing the compilation and correction of learning curricula and documents for the academy’s training programmes.


The academy is responsible for some key large-scale scientific projects entrusted by the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee and the Prime Minister, including:

  • “Continuing  to  renovate  the  contents  of  training  programmes  for leaders, managers, political theory and public administration cadres at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration”.

  • “Carrying out research and summarization to clarify some theoretical issues on the renewal process towards socialism in Vietnam”.

  • “Overview of policies for Khmer Theravada Buddhism in the Southwest Region by 2020 with a vision toward 2030”.

  • “Ensuring human  rights and  conducting  struggling  measures  in the  field in Vietnam in the period of promoting international integration”.

Some scientific works hosted or involved by the academy have been valued as excellent ones and made monographic,  research and reference books that have great influence in the political system and the society:

  • History of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Volume 1 (1930-1954)

  • Chronicles of the Party History

  • Complete Works of Ho Chi Minh

  • Book on Biography of the Party Leaders

Some scientific works of the academy that won big awards:

  • The project “Some theoretical issues on Party building for a ruling Party leading the cause of socialism building” won Ho Chi Minh Award in 2010.

  • The collection “History of the Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia cooperation” won the Vietnam Publishers Association’s special award.

  • The academy has actively implemented  international cooperation  activities on  scientific research, coordinated  with foreign delegations  in organizing scientific workshops  and  discussions,  and  sent  some  delegations  to  do research and surveys abroad.

  • The academy has cooperated with foreign partners in building and implementing international cooperation projects, making important contributions to improving the quality of its training and scientific research. Among those are the project “Translating classic works of Marx, Engels and Lenin from Vietnamese into Lao language” with the Lao National Academy of Politics and Public Administration, and the project “Improving the capacity of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration in training leaders and civil servants” with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

 Proofreader: Assoc.Prof,Dr. Ngo Tuan Nghia

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